100 xs

(Open call for artists)


In 2021 I made a series of 100 NFTs as my first ever crypto art project and sold them all on Opensea (yes we all have made mistakes) between February and September. They were abstract and a continuation of my visual langauge that i've been developing for some years.

All 100 Kisses - No.100 featured all the previous 99

They all had common traits -

  • used a base template which featured a cross
  • had a cross painted somewhere
  • same size and proportion
  • 1/1s, total 100

The ‘100 kisses’ project was launched on February 14th 2021, they all sold out. (oh - those heady, early days!) I have further plans for this concept in the future, but that’s not the point of this project - I’ll get to that shortly.

The results appealed to collectibles fans AND abstract art collectors alike. See the collection here on Opensea.

Call for artists

It’s a relatively flat market right now and in these times, artists keep going, build and collaborate. I want to open the project up - let’s spread the love. A few weeks back I floated the idea on NFT Twitter to artists if they’d like to make their own ‘X’. There was enough of a positive response for it to be viable and interesting.

Collaboration, community, unique styles, similarities, but with a difference, I’m interested in where it goes, how you talented folk interpret the idea and the possible results. It’s vaguely memetic and the trait is you.

Here’s how it will work

  • I publish/share the base template in Procreate/PSD/PNG/Vector SVG (templates now available - links at end of page)
  • It’s open to anyone (see below on limits) - no gatekeeping here!
  • Artists create their ‘X’. This can start now, so artists LFG! See the 100 I made if you need inspiration.
  • Artwork must feature the base template somehow - the cross on the template can partially destroyed, but evidence of it should remain
  • A cross or kiss is painted somewhere on the work
  • Any colourway, style, figurative, abstract, generative – whatever, but make it ‘yours’
  • Maintain the proportions  please
  • Maintain resolution/size (might relax this for animated gifs) Maintain the resolution size if you can - but if it suits, then upscale, but maintain the proportions if you can (square)
  • Once you’ve made yours, output it to JPG or SVG or any appropriate mintable format (some clever person might animate or someone might go 3D - who knows?)

What next?

  • They will be minted on TEZOS, probably on Objkt.com or Versum, so check your file format/compatability with them (Call to platform owners — we’d like the project to be featured!). The collection page is created on objkt.com. Please NOTE if you mint on Versum we wion't be able to auction your artwork for charity.
  • Mint your own ‘X’ if you have an XTZ account, set the royalties as you wish (0-10% recommended) use the tags #100Xs #collaboration #kisses #X and any others you wish, name as you like, description as you like
  • They will be 1/1s
  • I’ll make a new wallet/ XTZ account specifically for the project
  • You airdrop it to the project wallet - I have made project-specific TEZOS account tz1cnwyrnfCwtcb3DQjS66j3YCHVam4LoZuC
  • If you don’t have a TEZOS wallet, send the final art file to me and i’ll mint it for you, but you'll miss out on subsequent royalties
  • They will then be auctioned with a schedule TBA (possibly 'buy now'. All reserve prices and pricing TBC)

All funds raised will go to charity (currently thinking ‘Red Cross’ but open to suggestions - charities that accept crypto would be nice, or an artist’s charity, perhaps mental health might be appropriate in the current climate).

That's it -- this is all in draft and a lot of things to be decided - it's as near to a roadmap as I'm ever going.

Not really small print

  • Multiple submissions allowed (don't go over the top please). 1 per artist preferred, we're aiming for diversity
  • No offensive, rude, racist shit etc. Be kind. I'll be the arbiter of this.
  • When is the project is done? — initially there's a limit of 100x1/1 as per my original self-imposed limit, depends on the interest. It could be ongoing
  • There’s no prize, no winner, just a bit of fun, no rug to pull, nothing to lose, totally open, bit of fun and maybe something positive at the end and I’m putting my time into this for nothing

This is in draft - contact me via Twitter on DM. In the meantime the templates are linked below.

X-templates (Dropbox links)

Just give me them all (zip) 2.4mb

Black cross on white or clear

White cross on black or clear

(2096px x 2096Px) Other file formats on request.


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